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Fav. Work                         Other notable      

Ray Bradbury          Martian Chronicles                           ALL

Isaac Asimov          The Foundation Series            All - Esp. his Science Writing

Wally Lamb             The Hour I First Believed                              All

John Irving            World According to Garp               Prayer for Owen Meany

Arthur C. Clarke               Childhood's End                         Many  Others

Deepak Chopra        Most of his Fiction

Lawrence Block        Mathew Shudder books                 Much else

Robert Silverberg        A Time of Changes                    Others

Paulo Coelho            Veronica decides to Die              The Alchemist

Sarah Willis               Some Things That Stay
Leo P Kelley                 Coins of Murph

Neal Donald Walsh       Conversations With God I, II, III

Amy Tan                       The Joy Luck Club

Ayn Rand                      The Fountainhead

Edgar Allen Poe              The tell-Tale Heart                       many

Jonathan Franzen          The Corrections

F. Scott Fitzgerald          The great Gatsby

George Orwell                    1984            Animal Farm

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