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Emotional wreck. What does that mean? Does that mean someone is too emotional? Or is that person lacking emotions? Or possibly that they just are having “bad” emotions? So what is the definition of the word emotion? Emotion means “a heightened feeling, or agitation caused by strong feelings.” But that is a little deceptive, because why would someone be agitated by feelings of love, or of peace? Because by saying heightened feeling can’t it mean a good feeling? When we think of someone acting emotionally we usually think negative, that someone’s emotions are crashing — as in a train wreck.

Sometimes I think that the world thinks that emotions are bad, even pleasant emotions. I think it is also a mistake to think of any emotion as bad. Emotions are just a part of life, without them there would be no purpose to life, we may-as-well all be rocks.

Emo Rock. It gets a bad rap. I heard a guy from the Alternative Press rock magazine say that all music is Emo.  After all if music doesn’t stir the emotions, then it is just white noise.

Life is emotions. Even to those who say that life is about other things, such as money, or friendship, or love – when we get these things, it’s not really about the things, but about the way they make us feel. Just as accumulating money may make some feel good, spending money makes others feel good, or sharing with a friend or a lover, there are many ways that makes one feel good inside… it’s really all about the internal feelings that these outside things bring us.

That’s why drugs are so powerful, because they make us feel a certain way. And to those searching for that feeling, it’s no wonder they’re addicting. But drugs bring about these desired feelings artificially and thus there are side effects. Because, with emotions there are ups and downs, and if we keep on forcing the ups (with drugs) then, eventually we will crash. Our never-ending search for an artificial higher high will always end in an ultimate low. And sometimes drug use can be to hide our natural lows, which will eventually have to be felt. If it’s not a little at a time, then it’s a lot all at once (crash).

Some of us don’t show our emotions as obviously as others. But just because we hold our emotions in and are unwilling or even afraid to let them be seen, does not mean that we don’t feel them.

Movies, books, a song that connects with us, will invariably stir our emotions. And emotions are what make us human. Shared emotions make a community. Harmonious emotions make for a soul mate.

Sometimes crashes can lead to breakthroughs. Sometimes chaos can lead to clarity. Sometimes desperation can lead to peace. Anger can be a breakthrough for some, while love can be a breakthrough for others. Breakthroughs and growth have much to do with emotions. Emotions send us soaring or plummeting, it is said that we can’t get too high without knowing the too low. Let me reiterate that; It is sad that we can’t get too high without knowing too low… The same but for I.


                                Emotional Reek,


P.S.    I would rather reek of emotion,                                  than be a wreck of one.





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