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Saving A Break

S A V I N G      A     B R E A K



I once wrote an article that was really magnanimous. Well, actually that is only a half-truth. I once had an idea for an article that would have been great to write down. But I didn't happen to have a pen handy at the time, so I forgot about it. So bare along with the bad articles, hopefully I will get lucky again. And don't totally dismiss that possibility! They say it happens in threes, and I figure that’s probably what it would take that for you to be able to see a good article by me in the future. With nothing else on my mind at the moment (which someone once told me was very common with me, but I don't know if it's true… I try not to think about it), I may as well trace the lucky breaks needed for a good article to appear on these pages.

The first lucky break is for me to come up with a good thought, a good concept for an article. Now that may sound like a miracle, but without getting biblical on you, lets just say that God moves in mysterious ways. The original thought or concept is, naturally, the first step that must take place for any good piece of writing. For me this lucky break has already taken place, but it just so happened that I didn't get another lucky break along with it, like having a pen near by at that brief moment of impossibility, so I could write it down. So the two lucky breaks for any good article to be able to come about are 1) The thought, and 2) To have pen in hand.

Since everyone has three lucky breaks to a lifetime and I have used one up, I still have two left. So at some unforeseeable date I just may come up with a good article. Chances might be quite good! – Although I don't usually like to bring chance into these scientific matters.

But wait a minute! Even though I still have two lucky breaks left and there are only two to choose from it doesn't necessarily mean that they will both come at the same fraction of second in time (my attention span). And who is to say that, even though there are only two breaks to choose from and that I have two left, they will be one of each of the possibilities? Why couldn't it happen to be two of the same? It doesn't seem possible that my brain could come up with two more significant thoughts in my lifetime, but if it did it would use up my last two lucky breaks without anyone else witnessing the tremendous feat by way of an unqualified article coming about.

Wait another minute! On second thought (not a significant one), I have already used my lucky breaks up. Remember, lucky break number two is to have a pen in hand. I have had a pen in hand many times!... To think that I wasted all those lucky breaks by having a pen in hand when I didn't have any significant thoughts at the time, like now, so that I could write down something half intelligent. Why can't I get two lucky breaks at once? That still might not help, I don't see what good it would do to have two pens at once…

What is wrong with me? God was good enough to surpass my lucky break quota past the usual three, and I wasted possibly all I will ever get on the pen in hand lucky break. Talk about dopes!

Come to think of it, maybe if I wasn't such a dummy I wouldn't have had all the extra lucky breaks, because, after all, they say God is merciful to those less fortunate (a nice term for dummies). So possibly it would be unwise for me to get a significant thought because that might take me right out of God's less fortunate category and blow any more extra lucky breaks that God has lined up for me. So remember, even though the writing may not be that good, at least it does fill the pages. If I started getting good, then the lucky breaks would end and I would stop writing. That may sound favorable, but just think of the damage I might do if I didn't spend  most all my time sitting at a desk, writing.

Things usually work out for the best.


        Thinking (insignificantly) of you,                                                      èim  Uhr



P.S: I haven't been able to find

        my pen for a while now,

        so I'm writing this p.s.

                      in blood .      .        .




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