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To The Sea

This story takes place with the backdrop of the sea. But it is definitely not a travel piece, nor a Resort and Styles book.

To The Sea” is about two troubled men who become friends. One man, Frank, has been abused his whole life, from childhood through marriage and even at work he has not been able to escape from destructive and abusive situations. His only diversion is the Sea. Every opportunity he gets he runs to a small deserted beach. It is the only place in the world that he can find peace. That is where he encounters Nate. Nate is a loser. A man who has lost everything. He was once rich, he once had friends and family… he once had love. Now he is a wandering bum.

Somehow averting a violent confrontation an awkward friendship is born as these two mend their wounds and face their tragedies. Healing enough to find happiness. Through this healing friendship they each find that they can also love again. Each begin new dichotomist relationships of the rescuer and rescued. To be saved we each have to have a little of the savior in us. For one it is just in time, while for the other it is barely too late. But for each it is a transforming type of growth that leaves the world a much different place to live.


The book starts out on an American beach but takes the reader to Northern Thailand and a Lisu Hilltribe village searching for the family of Asa, a girl Frank rescued on the beach, and has fallen in love with.

To The Sea is a very personal and emotional examination of people on the edge. Sometimes the leap on faith can be as simple as an unadorned “hello”, or giving a small boy shelter. On occasion the miracle is mere survival.

To the Sea is a story of a man and the effect that the sea has on him. But more than the effects that the sea can have, it points out the impact of friendship, kindness and love that influence everyone. It is a gentle but powerful story where feelings and emotions are laid bare. The interplay of tragedies and the various types of coping mechanisms employed are the backbone to all that the novel is based on. The settings are also vital to the various moods and characters, as it moves from a deserted beach, to a crowded California beach and conversely to a Lisu Tribe in the remote mountains of Northern Thailand.

To the Sea is a serious work of fiction – how-ever that does not stop it from being playful, with it’s mistaken identities, language barrier confusions, and the good-natured banter between good friends, it has many light moments.

To the Sea leads you to a plausible conclusion that is never predictable or forced. It is a dynamic modern story with emotions that are timeless and a pace that is contemplative but always energetic.

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