Steve’s world is an uncontrollable downward spiral. He seems to be surrounded by chaos and catastrophe. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to reach out for help. But sometimes help is just an illusion, and something wicked lies beneath the good intentions. Steve seems to be innocently helping others, but when he seeks help for himself he finds that nothing is as it seems. Even when desolate Steve falls in love, his dream turns into a nightmare. And he wakes to find it is his fault. Can a kind, passive Steve change in time to save himself and possibly many others? Now it’s not merely a matter of Steve looking deep within himself, but bringing his inner convictions out into an insane chain of events that no amount of reason can stop. Sometimes only brute force is the answer, but can Steve learn the question in time?

U H R t h
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T  O  U  C  H  E  D

Touch can be:

Magical, accidental, life-changing, forceful, exploratory, seductive, wanting, innocent, romantic, brutal, healing, voyeuristic, sexual, callous, inappropriate, heart-felt, desirable, emotional, deadly, inspirational.

Tim Uhr’s new novel “TOUCHED is a new age exploration of ideas and denials, of owning one’s power and the acceptance of destiny.


TOUCHED, Tim Uhr’s  novel starts off as an introspective and revealing look into the mind and psyche of a troubled young woman and before you know it you find yourself deep in the middle of a kaleidoscope of events that spiral you up and down and around a chain of emotions that make a roller coaster ride seem subtle.

Touched is a story about a very powerful man, who has profound effects on almost everyone he comes in contact with. He has to learn how to handle the responsibility of his “gift.”

Steve is an average man, at least he would say so, who must deal with some fairly heavy issues, none of which directly effect him. He goes through life passively observing, until he realizes that these things happening around him do effect him and, more importantly, he can have an effect on them.


In Tim Uhr’s novel TOUCHED relationships are explored and dissected while a chain of events lead to an explosive conclusion.


Tim Uhr’s exciting new novel “TOUCHED” is a new age look into violence, sexual abuse, suicide, insecurity, homophobia, rape and murder. 

        TOUCHED is about the awakening of a man, Steve, and the power he has to control his world. TOUCHED is told from three different perspectives. It starts off from the viewpoint of Liz, a troubled woman who falls for Steve. Steve doesn’t share Liz’s exuberance, and Liz feels rejected.

       Following that we see the viewpoint of David, a friend of Steve’s who’s going through a tough divorce. Steve is able to be there more for David than he was for Liz. There is a great contrast between the fates of Liz and that of David.

        Finally, Steve’s voice brings it all together as he falls in love and is forced to solve a rash of violent murders.

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